We mentor leaders to become fit for change and achieve exceptional performance.

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IncludeChange developed a novel leadership framework that is centred on the principles of building solid trusting relationships, inclusion, creating fitness for change in your organisation and improving your leadership performance results.

Our Leadership Philosophy

We believe that leadership is a trust relationship among leaders and their followers who execute actions and perform change initiatives aimed at achieving mutual purposes.


IncludeChange believes that inclusion goes beyond including diversity of race, gender, and age in your engagement endeavours.  Inclusion goes beyond being participative or having a fully engaged entity.  More importantly, inclusion incorporates diversity of mental models, thinking styles, experience and skills sets. Inclusion fosters an ownership mentality.

Change fitness vs Change readiness

IncludeChange believes that it is possible for entities to become change-fit. Change-fitness is a leadership and organisational capacity that continually takes challenges head-on and  steers change initiatives without adversely impacting the entity’s resilience.

Performance excellence

IncludeChange believes that everything a leader and the entity does, is aimed at delivering excellent performance — performance that has its foundation on the values of trust, inclusion, collaboration, execution and mutual purpose.

Performance excellence is achieved when strategic governance, direction, and everyone’s expectations are crystal clear. Your entity will be fully equipped to do its task. The lifeblood of your entity’s execution system is an integrated intelligence network based on the principles of transparency, full accountability and proactiveness.

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