Praise for ‘Leadership for the Age of Change’

With so many books on leadership available, one can quite rightly ask – why another book on leadership? With a compelling insight into ‘Leadership for the age of change: How to lead successfully in the 21st century’, this title is indicative of a book that is not just another book on leadership, but a helpful companion in the ever increasing complexity of leadership. The ability to lead change effectively has become one of the most important leadership competencies in a disruptive VUCA world where change is the norm. With research overwhelmingly confirming the importance of competent change leadership to deliver successful change projects, this aspect cannot be emphasized enough. Indeed, it became impossible and erroneous to distinguish between leadership in general and change leadership. ‘Leadership for the age of change’, provides a compelling case for the necessity for leaders to develop their leadership knowledge competence in leading change and organisations in a rapidly changing environment. But the book does not stop there, it also provides an exciting blend of useful suggestions and guidelines for leaders to use in their endeavours.

In ‘Leadership for the age of change’, Dr Lourens expertly makes use of experience and draw on applicable theory to present relevant concepts, examples, frameworks and principles to enhance any leaders’ ability to lead change effectively. The book is a practical and easy guide to use for practising leaders. Although the content is supported by a sound scientific foundation, it is uncluttered of unnecessary complicated language and theoretical models. The frameworks and models are practical and easy to understand. They provide a comprehensive approach on leadership, and change leadership in particular, whilst maintaining a pragmatic and realistic focus.

Providing effective leadership is never easy, even more so to provide effective change leadership and leadership in an era of disruptive change. ‘Leadership for the age of change’ provides leaders with useful guidelines to build their leadership competence and to apply it effectively in their daily leadership practices and to lead change interventions successfully.

Prof Mias de Klerk , Leadership and Human Capital Management, Head: Research University of Stellenbosch Business School

What they say

“Change is the only constant”,… the maxim used to read. This is no longer true – change itself is faster, more complex and more unpredictable. This calls for a new breed of leaders with new skillsets. Dr. Lourens offers a comprehensive treatise on change. Well researched, this book offers the student and the practitioner of change a range of tools within an overarching, integrative framework of the three dimensions of leadership.”

Johan Govea, Director – Alumni, IMD, Lausanne, Switzerland.

“Three burning questions need to be answered before one can become a highly effective leader. First, what exactly is a leader? Second, why would anyone follow that leader? Third, how will that leader influence positive and responsible growth in her/his organization in a world of lightning speed change? In his highly scholarly, practical, and paradigm-changing book ‘Leadership for The Age of Change’, Dr. Jan Lourens unties the Gordian Knot formed by those three questions. He also gives practical advice that will help you navigate disruptive changes, markedly improve the level of engagement of all in your organization, and dramatically improve your business results. This book is an important resource for leaders at all levels in the field of leadership and change.”

Cedric B. Johnson, PhD, Senior Executive Consultant, AON Hewitt

“I believe that ‘Leadership for the Age of Change’ is an important read for leaders of all ages and experience whether you are the leader of a country, a multi-national organisation, an entrepreneurial enterprise or a small team. With his practical frameworks which are based on a clear definition of leadership, the importance of trust relationships and inclusion, Lourens provides an invaluable guide for all leaders in the 21st century. The book is easy to read and applying its common-sense approaches will help you to lead successfully in the face of hyper-change, accelerating global trends and disruptive challenges.”

Dr John Howard, FAICD, International Water Executive Advisor, ICE WaRM (International Centre of Excellence in Water Resources Management)

Leadership for the Age of Change

This book is a must-read for anyone who wants to be ‘change-fit’ to lead in a time of accelerating transformation of our world and the nature of work. It is a beacon of hope in a world increasingly characterised by a lack of trust in leaders—in business and government.