Leadership for the age of change


‘Leadership for the Age of Change’ is available worldwide in most online bookstores in print and electronic formats, accessible via the links below or at your favourite bookstore.

This book is a must-read for anyone who wants to be ‘change-fit’ to lead in a time of accelerating transformation of our world and the nature of work. It is a beacon of hope in a world increasingly characterised by a lack of trust in leaders—in business and government. It dispels many of the myths of leadership and provides clear pathways for personal and organisational success. It offers a blueprint for a new generation of leaders on how to master the art of managing escalating complexity, change and uncertainty, in partnership with their people.

Jan Lourens’s bold intention with his book is to empower leadership to be architects of the future.

If you wish to be challenged as a leader in your thinking regarding 21st century leadership, this book can assist greatly in enhancing your insight and capacity in becoming more future-fit.

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Contents pages of the book:

  • The book is a leadership guide for the leading in an age of hyper-change.
  • There are deficits in current leadership frameworks (change, trust, engagement, execution)
  • Trust is the core
  • Mutual purpose is important, it points the direction into which the leader should lead – inclusively!
  • Change is inescapable, but natural
  • Leadership is not the same as management
  • Leading change is not the same as change management
  • Change has a natural Pre-life Cycle and a normal Life cycle
  • The Pre-life Cycle of Change has five stages:
    • 1. Enable: culture and paradigm shifting
    • 2. Align: change governance, resourcing for change, and strategic alignment
    • 3. Anticipate: what to do in the lead-up and how to reduce complexity, uncertainty and ambiguity.
    • 4. Incubate: continually develop options for change, get ready to deliver the best initiative(s)
    • 5. Deliver: keep close to those impacted, implement, and integrate until the change has become business-as-usual.
  • A new leadership framework encompassing of the Change, Relationship, and Execution Dimensions is detailed in the book
  • Targeted leadership issues in an organisation often requires acknowledging what has broken down in any of the three leadership dimensions.
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