IncludeChange uses a unique approach to change management and leadership. We encourage proactivity among leaders and leadership teams to develop mindsets, frameworks, culture and practical tools in advance, so they are not only ready but ‘change-fit’ with strategies pre-prepared for challenges and opportunities arising from the Age of Change.


IncludeChange’s Purpose is to Inspire What’s Next by being proactive – leading change rather than being led by it.

Our promise

Our promise to our clients is that we will equip them to be change-fit and their strategies, tools, mindsets and culture will be pre-prepared for the Age of Change.


We will Inspire What’s Next by proactively leading change rather than being led by it, assisting leaders and organisations internationally to be change-fit with strategies that are pre-prepared and ready for challenges and opportunities that meet them.


When you engage with IncludeChange, you will experience our core values:

  • We are passionate to be excellent at what we do
  • We build trustworthy relationships with you
  • We are inclusive in all decisions we make
  • We regard change as natural — it is something that must be led and people can become fit to deal with continual change
  • We collaborate towards the achievement of mutual purposes
  • We firmly believe that clarity of expectations drives superior execution and performance

Leadership for the Age of Change

This book is a must-read for anyone who wants to be ‘change-fit’ to lead in a time of accelerating transformation of our world and the nature of work. It is a beacon of hope in a world increasingly characterised by a lack of trust in leaders—in business and government.