IncludeChange encourages proactivity among leaders and leadership teams to develop mindsets, frameworks, culture and practical tools in advance, so they are not only ready but ‘change-fit’ with strategies pre-prepared for challenges and opportunities arising from the Age of Change.

We Inspire What’s Next

We Inspire What’s Next – for our clients – so they can lead change proactively, rather than being led by it

Established in 2017 by two senior executives in South Australia, IncludeChange draws on the experience of leadership specialist and accomplished author, Dr Jan Lourens, and his wife Annelie Lourens, a respected strategist and business management professional.

Through workshops, seminars, presentations, consulting, books and thought leadership, IncludeChange informs and inspires a new era of leaders internationally to not only get ready for the challenges of impending change in the form of technology, automation or how we choose to work, but to be many steps ahead of change with practical tools and informed frameworks.

Is your organisation Change-fit and your leadership pre-prepared for the Age of Change?

Dr Jannie Lourens


Jan Lourens considers leadership to be built on a foundation of trust, driven by mutual purpose and destined to create change.

Thinking ahead is what Jannie does best. His varied education and experience across many countries in the world has provided him with rich insights into how to best encourage leaders who want (or need) to lead proactively into an uncertain future. In fact, he goes one step further: developing leaders that want to not only be ready, but ‘change-fit’. They are the ones that will create the opportunities off the back of change.

Jannie holds the view that change follows natural laws — laws that we can understand and apply through new leadership frameworks towards a better future. He has been determined to create practical tools based on his extensive experience and insights and to share these with leaders wanting to be one step ahead.

“Being pre-prepared means you’re the architect, in advance of impending change. Not just ready to deal with it or able to manage it, but having the frameworks, process and culture in place already so you’re one step ahead before change impacts you.”

~ Jannie Lourens

Jannie brings to IncludeChange extensive C-Suite experience in large international businesses including financial, strategic, commercialisation, technology innovation and project management expertise across the resources and energy, steel, military and education sectors.

With a PhD in Organisational Behaviour with honourable distinction, Jannie focused his PhD thesis on the integration of the theory of three-dimensional leadership behaviour: emotional intelligence, leadership visioning, and organisation citizenship. He has presented several papers and presentations internationally on the results of his research.

He also holds a Masters in Business Administration, where he focused on the application of artificial intelligence in strategic management.

Jannie authored Leadership for the Age of Change in 2017. He also co-authored Management for Engineers, Technologists and Scientists, first published in 2000 (currently in its 3rd edition).

PhD – Change Leadership (Organisational Behaviour)
MBA – Strategy
B.Chemical Engineering Honours
B.Chemical Engineering

Annelie Lourens

Annelie’s extensive experience in strategy, business planning, performance, risk management and integrated management systems has shown her that leaders who do not consider purpose important, or part of the business culture, tend to find their team shows poor agility when they experience change. When this inability to adjust impacts performance, suddenly business leaders sit up and take notice, acknowledging more could have been done earlier.

When you’re Change-fit, you are not only ‘ready’ for a specific change initiative which you have prepared for…, you’re ‘pre-prepared’ AND ready for ANY other change or opportunity that may come your way, that you will lead mutually and inclusively. You will be equipped to lead change proactively, and not wait for it to happen to you and your organization.

~ Annelie Lourens

Annelie’s approach to leadership has developed over many years in senior leadership roles in strategy, business integration, performance and innovation. A specialist in water quality management, Annelie’s career spans across the water, education and petrochemicals industries.

Annelie possesses a Bachelor Degree in Chemical Engineering. She has lectured in the university setting and developed educational curriculums in chemical engineering.

Annelie joins her husband Dr Jan Lourens in the Executive Team of IncludeChange.

B. Chemical Engineering

Leadership for the Age of Change

This book is a must-read for anyone who wants to be ‘change-fit’ to lead in a time of accelerating transformation of our world and the nature of work. It is a beacon of hope in a world increasingly characterised by a lack of trust in leaders—in business and government.